Gammatrade at SEMA Show (2016 - Las Vegas)

Hello Enthusiasts,

It had happened for a while but it we were so busy that hadn't been able to post about the biggest fair of the year of 2016, the SEMA Show.

The SEMA Show is the biggest trade event of automotive industry of the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products together and also provides provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities, and more. This year The SEMA Show drew more than 140,000 attendees, including 70,000 domestic and international buyers. 

The Show featured nearly 3,000 newly introduced parts, tools and components.
We believe that Gammatrade serves it’s clients on the highest quality, with the best products which are accessible on the market today. 

To sustain this standard of our service at Gammatrade, we have to be up-to-date with new trends, equipments and solutions belonging to rim care. But this year was a bit different as we wanted to go further. Although we visit the SEMA Show year-by-year, this was the first time for us to be a part of it as an exhibitor with GammaTrade USA. At first it, seemed to be very difficult and exhausting to live up to the expectations as a rookie. It was a debut not only for us as the GammaTrade USA but also our lastest rim straightener machine, one of the best machine of the world of this kind, the PANGEA. 

It was fantastic to see the huge interest towards our PANGEA by visitors and other exhibitors. Just as we’ve experienced quite the same high attendance for the CNC machines of ours! It was amazing to have these experiences there, it made us feel that all the long days spent with hard work behind us finally make sense!

Long story short, we loved this year’s SEMA Show. As a first-time-exhibitor we know that there are many things to develop till next year but the experience was unforgottable for all of us! Thank you SEMA, see you next year!

I you would like to know more about our equipments or the show, just contact us.


Gammatrade at Automechanika Frankfurt (2016)

Hello Guys,

Last week we visited the Automechanica Frankfurt, the world’s leading trade fair for the automotive industry. 

The Automechanika presents the entire process chain in the automotive aftermarket, from point-of-sale, via services, to recycling and waste disposal. 

As the world’s biggest trade fair for the automotive aftermarket, the Automechanika spotlights innovations and solutions in the fields of parts, systems, tuning, workshop equipment, bodywork & paintwork, car wash, IT & Management and the latest automobile services. 

We believe that Gammatrade serves it’s clients on the highest quality, with the best products which are accessible on the market today. To sustain this standard of our service at Gammatrade, we have to be up-to-date with new trends, equipments and solutions belonging to rim care.
This year there were almost 5000 exhibitors from 76 different countries from all over the world so it’s not suprising that it had attracted more than 136.000 visitors during the 5 days. We met the world’s leading companies in automotive industry, and we checked some of the recent innovations and equipments to get some new ideas in order to increase the quality of our sevice for our partners and clients.

Our next fair is going to be the world famous SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada from the 1st till of 4th of November where you can find us as an exhibitor! Look for the GammaTrade booth!
You will be able to find us here:
BOOTH 51243 AND 51244

If you would like to know more about Automechanika or the SEMA Show do not hesitate to contact us. 
See you soon!


Gammatrade Diamond Cut Lathe Technology & Refurbishment

Generally about CNC machines

CNC machines  are a big part of our offer but have you ever wondered how these complex machines do the hard part of the work? First of all, let’s talk about the operating mechanism in general. CNC machines are operated by precisely programmed commands encoded on a command module that is located on the device. In modern CNC systems, end-to-end component design is highly automated using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs. The programs produce a computer file that is interpreted to extract the commands needed to operate a particular machine by use of a post processor, and then loaded into the CNC machines for production. Nowadays modern machines often combine multiple tools as some processes might require the use of a number of different tools e. g. drills, saws etc. 
Motion is controlled in multiple directions, at least along x and y axis and the tool is working in depth. The motion of the tool is driven by motors in order to provide highly accurate movements. As the controller hardware evolved, the mills themselves also evolved. One change has been to enclose the entire mechanism in a large box as a safety measure, often with additional safety interlocks to ensure the operator is far enough from the working piece for safe operation. Most new CNC systems built today are 100% electronically controlled. CNC systems are now used for any process that can be described as a series of movements and operations. Sounds pretty complex, doesn’t it?

CNC wheel lathe machines

Our CNC machines are following the same principles, however we are focusing only on repairing and refurbishing rim alloy rims as we aimed for the title of ’THE RIM STRAIGHTENER EXPERT’. We, at the Gammatrade would like to serve our clients on the highest quality. To sustain this standard of our service at Gammatrade are focusing on our customer’s demands therefore we managed to come up with the best CNC machines to make your work in repairing wheels and rims way easier. It’s primary for us to meet our clients’ satisfaction so they can furthermore call us the Rim Care Experts.

GammaTrade CNC lathe machines

Let me introduce our CNC machine selection! We offer 3 different machines, the GAMMAGT CNC22B DIAMOND CUT LATHE MACHINE, the GAMMAGT CNC27M DIAMOND CUT LATHE MACHINE, and the GAMMAGT CNC28MA MAXI DIAMOND CUT CNC LATHE MACHINE. The main difference between these 3 machines in our offer is the size. CNC22B DIAMOND CUT LATHE MACHINE can be used for repairing wheels up to 22”. The other two machines are bigger so that they are able to repair at the size of 27" and 28” of alloy wheels. 
With these professional diamond cut machines you can reproduce the original special surface feature the circumference. Our machine has been developed for non-CNC expert users, for that reason they can be used pretty easily but of course we provide training and technical support as well.  The training is completely free (for US customers only), it means we cover the cost of your flight and accommodation and it takes 1 day. Our showroom is located in Miami, Florida. We will let you know the best using of these high-end machines. 

All of our CNC alloy wheel lathe machines are designed for repair and refurbish wheels. All you have to do is just to apply the machine to the full face and lip of the wheel. The next part of the process different from the standard painted wheel as the wheel now has to mounted on our CNC lathe machine so the face of the wheel can be machined to get the Diamond cut finish. Once the wheel has been machined it is then cleaned and then ready for the lacquer to be applied. Our diamond cut lathe machines you can prepare easier and faster the refurbishing alloy wheels, safe labor and money. The whole process can be seen on this short video:

If you are running a wheel repair business and looking for Professional solution to restore manufactured quality surface You are at the right place, GammaTrade offer Professional CNC alloy wheel lathe machines for best value of your money with affordable and lowest price in the market. We know it’s sometimes hard to outline all of the many reasons why an equipment lease might make sense for your customers. But we offer a solution also for this problem. Now financing is available through our trusted partners on all garage equipment.
Contact them for the deal you're looking for: Finance info

If you would like to get more info or looking for special deals do not hesitate to contact us.




Hello Enthusiasts,

Last week we visited the REIFEN, the world’s leading trade fair for the tyre industry since 1960. The industry meets at the fair every two years to present the industry’s recent innovations, developments and trends. 

The REIFEN covers the entire value creation chain of the tire: from the upstream stage of production, manufacturing and trade to retreading and recycling. As it’s a showcase for innovations and source for new ideas, we really wanted to visit the fair this year to see the new trends and solutions for ourselves. 

We believe that Gammatrade serves it’s clients on the highest quality, with the best products which are accessible on the market today. To sustain this standard of our service at Gammatrade, we have to be up-to-date with new trends, equipments and solutions belonging to rim care.

This year there were about 675 exhibitors from 43 different countries from all over the world so it was an amazing experience to visit a fair as big and momentous as the REIFEN was. We met the world’s leading companies in automotive industry, and we checked some of the recent innovations and equipments to get some new ideas in ordet to increase the quality of our sevice for our partners and clients.

If you would have any question please do not hesitate to leave it in a comment or you can reach us here!
See you soon!!!


Is this real??? Rim straightener which doesn't require human labor? & Advertise your business for free!!!

Hello Enthusiasts,

GammaTrade is always proud to bring the best and the newest rimcare products to the market and pay great attention to our costumers request, so we created a new product line which makes more complete our "The rimcare experts" title and meet their needs.  These are a new kind of rim straightener machines with which you can give back the perfect roundness to the rims, which is the hardest task in the rim repair business. These rim straighteners were just designed to deal with that. They are so convenient,that basically all you have to do is mount the rim, press a button and the rest is done by the machine. Saves time , saves money. Can restore the factory standards to OEM rims also. These machines are THE FULL AUTOMATIC RIM STRAIGHTENERS. These unique machines only available at our webshop. 

We have 2 machines to offer in the full automatic category:

This is a fully automatic machine where the operator needs only screw the rim to the machine, punch in a few coordinates and the sensors on the machine will locate the damages to the inner part of the rim.
The machine will then automatically straighten the rim with the roller cams.
Range of rims 10" - 22"

SpeedyRound EVOII
This machine works virtually the same of EVO II and is fully automatic BUT the range is 10" - 28" by powerful roller cams. SpeedyRoundPLUS will also repair the outer section of the rim and it has a very fine lathe attachment for handling kerbside damages. This is the finest in rim repair machinery.

SpeedyRound Plus
Both SpeedyRound machine have an infra red heater which allows for alloy rims to be repaired at the optimum temperature of 26 degrees C.Please see them on our website.
These machines are produced in the old best tradition of Italian engineering.

This was the selling part of the article so let’s get through step by step how can we use these kind of straighteners. 
As I mentioned before these are full automatic straighteners so you only have to mount the rim, press a button and then the machine does everything automatically, but I would like to let you know the details, those small steps which are necessary and useful to known.

1. Placement of the rim

Count how many screws the rim does have(3-4-5 or 6)?  Then measure with the tool always from the inner part of the rim and between to far holes.

Measure with the tool
Fix the flange to the right position and tighten not to strong. The auto-locking not always the zero position. Open, never remove it.

Fix the flange
Pay attention for which side of the screws you need to use. Check the rim and use the proper end. 
Screws - find the proper end
Rim with screws into it 

2. Sensor 

Place the sensor halfway between its way(half of the stroke). Please always pay attention for the vertical and horizontal direction. Place the sensor next to the edge of the border of the rim as much as you can.
Sensor next to the edge of the rim

3. Piston for negative damages

The piston must be pushed as much as you can against the machine inside the cylinder to avoid banding. 
Piston for negative damages

Leave a little space between the repairing wheel and the rim, depending on the damage value (minimum 5mm).
Negative piston close to the rim

4. Types of damages 

The machine works automatically but there are a few things that good to know before you start the process. 
Negative damage: Pushing from inside to outside.
Positive damage: Pushing from outside to inside (for the positive damage you have to use different tool.)
LCD screen main page

5. Tips for smaller damages 

Better to repair the smaller damages on the rim by manually. 
For the extensive damages use the the automatic function. The standard tolerance value must be changed to 0.02 because in this way you will get a better result. It is not always possible to reach such a result. When the automatic cycle can not work alone to reach the optimum the user manual action could be helpful. 

6. Short deformation

For strong rims when you’re working on manually it could be necessary to increase the pressure adjusting the screw placed next right to the driving pump. Remember to place the original pressure when finished. 
Pressure changing

7. Pressure changing by the software 

Sometimes also the automatic cycle needs to work at higher pressure. To do this push the clock button from the main page
Clock button
then push the „i” button  
i button
then type on 20 to 45 and then 80 to 120. Remember to push the default button at the end.

8. Lip damages

When repairing result is next to the acceptable value look for the border deformation (lip damages) and replace it if necessary by using the proper tool and the spacer. By manual action always moving the contrast roller against the rim and rotate the tool until the border is on position.

9. Heating the rim

When the damage is on high value or critic due to the sort angle always apply the heater for a minimum 10 minutes before the action in front of the damage part. Then after 10-15 minutes starts the automatic cycle or manual. Be carefully to not increase the pressure over the break point.

10. Extended damages

Never mind about big and extended deformation. They are the easiest job for the machine. It is too much difficult and harder reach to minimum when the rim is quiet. It is more difficult to repair a little deformation.

11. Positive damages 

You have to use a different piston for the positive damages. 
Psiton for positive damages
Always look for the minimum free stroke of the piston out of the cylinder to avoid banding and looking for the positive value adjust the pressure of working acting on the screw placed on the hydraulic pump. When the deformation is no extended it is better to work manually to point by point. For the positive deformation the contrast cylinder is not needed. Remember to place the pressure to the original when you finished. 
Positive piston working on a rim

12. Inner or external?

The machine can fix inner and external damages too.

13. Start using the lathe

For inner damages find the right measures of the black center ring and fix it by two little screws on the flange of the left part of the machine. Then insert the screw axle in the flange turning the axle itself clockwise until the end of the stoke. Choose the proper cone size depending the central hole of the rim. Use the remaining cone as spacer between the first scone and the locking wheel and fix the rim with inner part looking for the frame.

So again, how to place the rim on the lathe?
  • Place the extended screw into the middle of the lathe part
  • Find the most suitable center ring for your rim
  • Place the rim to the lathe
  • Place the right coupe against the rim (If the place is too big you should use both of the coupes)
  • Finally place the locking wheel.

14. Working with lathe 

Remember to move the lathe supporter all on the machine side in order to leave space. Then when the rim is fixed on the left then the lathe touch the rim border then turning the adjusting wheel of the contrast cylinder. The cylinder when it touch the rim +1mm in order to move the lathe a little bit back to the frame part. 

The first needed operation is replace the complementary of the laticul side of the border to let the contrast cylinder work properly. 

Tighten the contrast cylinder screw until the cylinder itself could touch and could be pressed against the border hardly to avoid vibration. Remember to lock the lathe by two levers before starting any operation. Moving the chrome round wheel operate with lathe where needed. Pay attention to vibration and reduce the speed of rotation until the noise of vibration held been reduced. 

15. Helpful tips about the lathe

Always start using the lathe at the edge of the rim (That part of the rim which can contact with the machine). When you finished with the edge of the rim place against the wheel to the cylinder to be able to stabilize your wheel.
Then you can move forward

16. Face part of the rim 

Turn over the rim and put on the machine. Before you put the rim on the lathe part use the plastic disc. First you have to put that to the machine. At the face part you do not need to place against the rim to the flange.  
Use the white Teflon plate tool mounting it on directly on the flange. Then without any centering ring place the wheel on the shoft and fix it by the proper cone and locking wheel. If this operating mode not guarantee the needed centering on the rim of the flange proceed as follows:
Mount the patels on the flange depending on the holes of the rim.
Then introduce the uperpaid spacer on the free screw on the patels to guarantee the minimum free space between the rim and the flange. And lock by cone and the fixing wheel.

I hope I could help you to know more about these brilliant machines which can help you to restore the perfect roundness of your rims. 
If you would have any question please do not hesitate to leave it in a comment or you can reach us here!

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Thank you Guys and see you soon!!!


New products coming soon & Pay less and get the latest rimcare news

Hello Enthusiasts,

We, at GammaTrade always pay great attention to our costumers request, so we created a new product line which makes more complete our "The rimcare experts" title and meet their needs.
Be prepared, it is coming soon...

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So what are the differences between those rim-straighteners?

Hello Enthusiasts,

We all see there are so many different models of rim repair machines and it makes us wonder which one would suit our needs the best.

So let me give you some basic information and comparison between the models.

In this article I will go through the "hydraulic rim straighteners" from which we have the widest variety.
We will go 'up' step-by-step explaining the more and more sophisticated machines.

So let's start with the most basic tool which doesn't even qualify as a hydraulic tool, but still is popular.

That would be the rim repair wrench.    

This wrench was designed to repair lip damages. Gives easy grig on all lips, thus it can be a very useful tool in any tire shops.
Please note this wrench is a default accessory with all hydraulic machines , and can be purchased individually also.

See the product in our webshop:

The next one I will talk about is the one we call the Junior rim straightener.
We use to call it an " entry level" machine, but don't let that mislead you.
This machine is perfectly capable of dealing with any damage on rims between 10"-24"

The picture shows the basic parts for later:)
The way the machine works is: there is an oil tank for the hydraulic-oil, an oil-pump (building up the hydraulic pressure with an electric motor , which goes up to the piston and produces 140 Bar pressure)
The support frame is to lean the piston against it while repairing the rim.
The following picture shows the available repair positions. We should imagine it like there is the piston with the pressing heads attached.
The piston is leaned against the support frame when we press from outside in, or against the spindle(axis) when we work inside-out.

This machine can be perfect for businesses adding rim repair as a new service or for mobile businesses.
The perfect way to start earning with an affordable machine.
See the product in our webshop:

The next one is the Kaiser 57T

The difference between this model and the previous Junior is the second motor which spins the rim.
Why is it useful to have the rim spinned?
First it is easier to see if it wobbles.
Second it is handy when you decide to work on the rim with a grinder,sandpaper or something similar.
There is one more difference to the Junior though and that is the capability to accomodate some optional attachments.
These attachment are:
The polish and clean kit---so you can polish and clean the rims easily

And the multi-angle support bridge for more convinience:

Both of them are plug and play with the 57t
See them in our webshop:


The next one up is the Kaiser 5400.

This is when the lathe steps in.
From this model all of the upcoming ones will be equipped with a lathe.
So what is the lathe good for?
Some refer to that part as a CNC , so the function is very similar.
Basically the lathe is a very precisely adjustable blade which is designed to cut the rim.
By cutting I mean getting rid of the extra mass, let's say after welding or adjust the wavy lip.
Some use it to polish the rims by cutting off the dim surfaces, but my advice is to always go easy with the lathe.
My professional advice is not to use the lathe on the structure such as the drum/barell or spokes.
Just think about it, you might not want to weaken the structure holding 1/4 of the vehicle's weight approx.
We offer professional polishers for tasks as polishing.
The Kaiser 5400 has a "sliding lathe".
Let me explain with a picture:

To position the lathe we slide it on the rails to the desired position and after that the blade can be moved very  precisely with the adjustment rolls. The rolls adjust the blade moving toward the rim, with other words in-out.
If we take the blue arrows as 9 and 3 than the in-out movement would be 12 and 6.

The Kaiser 5400 also works 10-24" and plug and play with the polisher kit.
See the product in our webshop:

The next model is the Kaiser 5700
This machine is very similar to the 5400 exept the lathe part.
While the 5400 has a sliding lathe, the 5700 has a turning one.
Let me explain it with a picture:

This turning lathe is really a matter of taste or experience.
I would say some prefer the sliding one, some like the turning one.
Apart from this there is no real difference between the 5400 and the 5700.
This model is also plug and play with the polisher kit and the bigger support frame.
See the machine in our webshop:

With the next model we enter into the family of the "gearbox-driven" family.
This means how the power produced by the motor is transferred to the spindle/axis.
The previous models were V-belt driven while the following ones have gearing for that.

The next line of products is called the "Jumbo"s.

These machines are very strongly built, gearing driven and are equipped with with a precisely adjustable lathe.(I'll explain in a bit)
You'll find two different models:
The Jumbo:

And the Jumbo K:

Yup,any better idea instead of the K is welcome.:)

So the difference between the two models is the support frame.
While the Jumbo has a normal support frame the Jumbo K has a so called multi-position support frame.
What the multi-position support frame does is it gives you more angles,distances during the repair.
If you take a close look on the pictures the difference is hard to miss.

Now with the next machine we enter the hands-free product line.
Being a hands-free machine means that the operator adjusts the angles, pressure,turns, with a joystick.
What are the advantages?
First of all his/your hand is never near to the piston which produces the hydraulic pressure.
Less chance to suffer an injury and also it is more convinient as the weight of the piston isnt on your arm and wrist.
From the client's point of view the machine looks extremely professional.
No other company has any straightener with even remotely similar looks.
These machines are bigger than the ones we've already discussed and also heavier.
We have two different models from this line:

The first one is the Professional Digital.

Now if we take a look on the picture , I pinpointed the main differences.
-It has a folding lathe (folds in when not needed and folds out when there's work to do with a press of the button)
-Joystick operated.(You can adjust of the movement of the piston with the joystick just like videogames:))
-The piston (pressing-pushing head) is also capable of pulling the defected parts, so it isn't only push anymore.
-Works form 10" to 26" so even bigger rims are covered.
-You can control the speed of the turning/spinnig of the rim electronically.
-The deffect measuring is digital:
it means that the gauge/meter is digital (unlike the previous models where it was a mechanical meter) and the data will show up on a screen right on top of the joystick.
With other words the machine will indicate if the rim is damaged from outside in or inside out and how much .
The machine with a video can be found on our website(scroll down a bit for the video):

These machines are very popular among dealerships.

The next one is the Grandmaster.
Now this is the best hydraulic machine there is on the market.

This machine works from 10" up to 30"

This machine has all the improvements that decades of straightening can give:
-Digital mesuring
-Multi position clamps: the easiest way to find the best position for the pressing head.
-Hands-free operation
-Bottom clamp: As professionals we know that the bottom of the rim tends to move slightly as we are pushing the top. It is more like a twisting move which makes the bottom to move a mm or two. The bottom clamp holds the bottom of the rim rock solid, so the adjustments on top will be more accurate resulting less pushes to get the perfect result.
It is important to mention that on this model the lathe is on the other side of the machine (unlike Professional Digital) so you have to have enough space to walk around the machine.
Please watch the video for better understanding(scroll down a little on the page):

I hope this little article answer a few questions and also gives the impression that we know what we are talking about.
We don't only sell the machines but use them on a daily basis.
All facts combined trust us when we say we've picked the best quality products available.
Our goal was to find the machines we can work with, last long and gives the best possible productivity and comfort.
If there was any better machines we'd be selling those:)

In case you'd give us a little appreciation for our hard work with gathering all the information like us on Facebook:

Happy straightening